Westfalia Roof Rack Installation
Suggested procedure
Tools required:  Electric drill, sharp 1/4" drill bit, 7/16" wrench, Allen hex key wrench 5/32.  Takes about 45 minutes time.

* If you are going to install the "Safari Basket" you need to place it in position before you drill holes for the roof racks.  This is to get the correct spacing between the front and rear roof rack bars.  The Safari basket hangs on the roof rack bars.


The rear rack only fits at the very back of the van, and there is a left and right leg as well.  Look for an "R" right passenger side and "L" left drivers side stamped on the legs of the rear rack.  If viewed from above, the roof curves inward at the very back. The rear rack legs are angled to fit this curve.  If you look at the rear rack from directly above you will see the angle. 
The front roof rack has "Front" stamped on the backside of one of the legs.  There is no Left or Right for the front rack, either way is fine.


The van roof and the pop top are curved and vary in width from front to back. Also, your pop top may not be exactly centered on the van (left to right). 

Because of these two factors, the racks may need adjusting to fit your specific van.  You can bend the legs of the racks to fit your van.  The flat wide legs can be bent, do not bend the round tubing.


You may need to "fit" the racks to your specific van.  To do this, the legs of the racks will need to be bent slightly so that they sit correctly in the rain gutter.  This can be done by using an adjustable crescent wrench or bench vise and bending the flat leg part, do not bend the tube.  It does not take much to bend the flat metal legs, only a little tweaking should be required.


All bolts are 3/4" long stainless steel, front rack uses washers, nuts are stainless steel nylock.  For the rear rack bolts, you will be drilling through the metal westfalia hinge.


  1. Fit the racks to the van in the position where you would like to use them and clamp in place.  Make sure the pop top is seated properly.  Install Safari Basket if applicable.
  2. Drill holes with a  new/sharp drill bit through the holes in the brackets and into the pop top.  Be careful you do not drill into the canvas, it is recommended to use a drill bit stop collar. 
  3. You may need to bend the legs of the racks so that they sit properly in the rain gutter. 
  4. Take care not to drill into the canvas.  I use a shortened drill bit set about an inch out of the drill chuck.

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